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The Company

About Us

The company ParaisoRadical, Lda RRAAT Nº 31/2015/RAA, was created with the objective of renting various equipment and providing services related to nature exploration activities.

The promoters of this project also intend to correctly and appropriately apply the specific techniques for organizing events for tourists, always taking into account the preservation of the quality of the environment.
In this way, the business objectives that the promoters intend to achieve, are based on several phases:

Reinforce the taste for the regular practice of physical activities and deepen the understanding of its importance as a health factor throughout life and a component of culture, both individually and socially;

Make known, through the itineraries, maps and rental of all-terrain equipment, the island of Santa Maria in a different way;

Allow reinforcing the taste for the regular practice of physical and adventure activities;

Occupy the free time of those who visit the island of Santa Maria;

Instil preservation habits and a taste for nature in tourists;

Allow offering alternative resources to all tourists that become commonplace;

Contribute to learning the rules, movements and techniques of motorcycles, quad bikes, mountain bikes and jeeps.


As previously mentioned, the future promoters of this investment project are aimed at renting equipment and providing services mainly linked to the exploration of nature. In this way, the activities that ParaisoRadical, Lda proposes to develop are in two aspects:

Land slope

- Tours of all terrain.

These sightseeing tours are on pre-defined trails and where you can access little-visited and authentic places, being trails off the beaten track, you can visit places of interest (natural, heritage or human interest);

In addition to mountain biking, ParaisoRadical, lda also offers jeep tours, van tours, quad bike tours, scooter tours, in order to complement the terrestrial aspect we also have pedestrian and trekking tours so that those who visit us can visit any place from the island.

Maritime Strand

- This company also offers a series of services duly outlined with several alternatives, to those who are looking more for activities related to the sea, thus satisfying both the general population and visitors.
  • 2014 - Opening

    Paraíso Radical
  • 2015 - Installations

    Paraíso Radical